Listed below are the litters we've had since this new webpage was published, in chronological order starting from the bottom. For a more continuous update regarding puppies, check out our Facebookpage and the News blog. Click on the name of the dog to visit their individual page. Press on the picture to se the full picture. 

Upcoming/current litters

Eight puppies were born on the 24th of August 2019 from the combination of SE CH DK CH TJH ZuMa's Onazziz and IPO3, BH, AD, ZTP, Multi BOB, HD/AD free JLLPP free, Swizz Champion Quadro Von Der Scherau. Please stay tuned for more pictures as the grow older but please contact us if you are interested in the pups 

Aktiva djurägare/bruksintresserade kommer att prioriteras då vi har många intresserade. 

Earlier litters

 SE CH DK CH TJH ZuMa's Onazziz and SE CH, IPO-1 Jordan von Haus Lazic became parents to 7 puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls, born 2018-07-13

For pictures of the puppies, visit the page of the V-litter here!