KSS Speciality Show in Otterup




A fantastic weekend in Otterup, Denmark, with fantastic results. 

Our black Hippo daughter ZuMa’s Dora Di Luna (the picture on the top), 16 m:
3 x Junior Winner
3 x DK Junior CAC
3 x DK Club Junior CAC
2 x CAC
2 x BOS
BIS-4 Junior,
And her new titles are:
DK Junior Champion
DK Club Junior Champion
Our Russian girl, 15 m:
Open Heart Pretty Woman
1 x Junior Winner
1 x DK Junior CAC
1 x DK Club Junior CAC
1 x CAC
1 x BOS
ZuMa’s Glossy Box, 19 m:
1 x CAC
2-Best Bitch
Christel’s boy Emil, 2.5 y:
ZuMa’s I’ll Bazthino
1 x CAC
1 x BOB
And by this CAC he closed:
Swedish Champion
Danish Champion
Norwegian Champion
Nordic Champion
We also entered our breeding group at 3 of these 4 shows and got: